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Four Flowers School
Self-Directed Learning

A learning resource helping self‑directed learners.

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Four Flowers School is for parents and children practicing self-directed education, as well as for those looking to complement their regular schooling.

By joining Four Flowers School, you will be able to meet, discuss, and share your education program with others, or simply join a program of your interest.

Creating a course is simple


Offer a course idea and describe what you want to learn.


Find someone who can facilitate or mentor you.


Invite others to start learning together!

How it works


Create a topic for the course.


Invite a facilitator who wants to make a course with you.


Discuss with a facilitator what the course will be about.


Define stages, time, and seminars together with a facilitator.


Invite everyone interested.


Start the course.


At Four Flowers School, you decide which learning style and pace are comfortable for you, as well as what subjects to study and in which order. This is a place where we trust your choice.

We believe that giving children freedom of knowledge is the best and most effective way of learning.


Join our community and help create a free learning environment for children. The project is a non-profit initiative, based on everyone’s desire to share what you know and can do with the young generation.

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Four Flowers School · 2020

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